Health & Safety

The Health and Safety of everyone affected by our projects is of paramount importance to M&G. In today’s workplace everyone should be trained, equipped and briefed on all matters daily attaining to the tasks at hand, but we believe that beyond the statistics and the accreditations health and safety is simply about doing what’s right! So as well as the checklists and briefings, here at M&G we work towards an approach in where we simply put “is it right”, it’s a very easy choice, you can do whats right or you can do what’s wrong. If you work by this very simple but defining choice then everyone affected by you or your actions will be okay.

M&G have a H&S policy, and this can be inspected anytime or request. In this policy the duties and responsibilities of every member of our site teams is clearly defined. We actively encourage all team members to consider ways in which we can improve our H&S policy, this may be a safe system of work or other safety measure that we can use, we will then review or amend our policy to suit so that we are always working in the safest manner possible.