Wall Cladding

This is a single component installation system that compromises of a coated steel liner sheet and outer sheet, with a core of rigid insulation factory bonded to both sheets, capable of delivering required “U” values dependent upon thickness of core. If neither of these systems appeal to you for whatever reason you might want to consider a standing seam system. This is a system that has no fixings that actually pierce the outer skin, all but eradicating the likelihood of water ingress. As this system is fabricated on site it means that otherwise unimaginable sheet lengths can be obtained, spanning the entire roof. These sheets can then be laid flat or curved due to their flexibility on both steep or gentle slopes making them very versatile.

Whatever needs you have, M&G will be able to advise on a system best suited to you.

There are many different wall cladding systems and M&G have vast experience in most of them, from the tried and tested twin skin system to composite and standing seam. You might be looking for a cost effective system with a proven track record, in which case we would recommend a twin skin system, this is a very versatile system that allows many different “U” values to be achieved by altering the depth of the spacer system and incorporating the necessary amount of insulation. Add in the vast range of external profiles and colours and its no wonder that millions of Squared Metres of this system have been fitted since its inception. If you’re looking for something with a more modern feel or in need of a system that can be fitted quickly then in this case we would recommend a composite cladding system.